The Gospel throughout the world

We are involved in world evangelism. Jesus gave to everybody the mission to go into all the world and bring the gospel (that is, the good news of Jesus, the Redeemer, the Messiah).

The Christian Fellowship Ministries is a movement that is planting new churches worldwide.

A couple cannot be sent out as long as they lack sufficient knowledge of the Bible, have little experience with God and without compassion to win people for Jesus.

Discipleship is necessary for achieving this position. Discipleship is training of the gospel as God Himself intended. All that pastors do is preaching and encouraging people. God will plant a desire of planting a new church somewhere in the world in the hearts of the disciples, for those who are open to it.

Moreover, teams of disciples regularly make an abroad trip so as to help other churches.

This vision is being spread out over the world: by now over 2,000 churches in over more than 100 countries.

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In Holland about 50 churches of 'the Door' have been planted.
From these churches out, baby churches have been planted abroad to:

Europe: Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Lituania
Africa: South Africa, Rwanda
Latin-America: Surinam, Curaçao, Aruba
Asia: China, India