Church building

The church location is at Dolmansstraat 4 (see map)
The church resides in the white building of the 'Gemeenschapshuis' at the square. The entry is on your left (the white arrow on the picture).


Contact us

Pastor Hans Königs en Ellen

phone: +31 (0)6 26 90 82 79
e-mail: hanskonigs(at)




A bus stop next door...

Bus 30
Stop: Dolmansstraat/Kerk
(detour, take the temporary bus stop Balijeweg)

Consult 9292 for actual bus departure times.



Please feel free to support our work.
Bank account nr.
IBAN: NL40 RABO 017 41 09 776
Holder: Evangeliegemeente De Deur
Residence: Maastricht

Your gifts may be made deductible from your Dutch income tax with our ANBI number 818701390.